This year, we are planning multiple engagement opportunities for the Y20 Alumni Community, including a social and professional peer support network, monthly Impulse Sessions with sector experts, a monthly newsletter, and a quarterly community check-in call.

Our last Impulse Session on Youth Empowerment included nearly 100 youth from 20 countries in dialogue with Yemi Babington-Ashaye, former Director of Global Shapers of the World Economic Forum.


Y20’s remarkable delegate and organizer alumni, now a network of more than 500 strong, have advanced social impact in their local and global communities. Y20 delegate and organizer alumni are distinguished leaders selected for their commitment to amplifying youth voices through policy work.

We invite you to get to know the Y20 Community through the Alumni profiles we highlight on this site and in our monthly newsletter.


Disty Winata was an Indonesian delegate at the Y20 Summit in Paris, France in 2011. Realizing the power of youth in development at the Y20 Summit, she continued to advocate for development issues in the 2012 G(irls)20 Summit and has spoken at the Model United Nations events and panels in Indonesia and globally. Born in Indonesia, raised in Canada, and living in Australia, Disty is currently a cultural researcher at Kantar Consulting and a digital communications socioeconomic consultant for the United Nations. Disty appreciates her Y20 Community involvement, “The Y20 is a great opportunity for young leaders who are making an impact to have their voices amplified on a bigger stage. Now, with the strong network of the Y20 Community, we have a platform to equip more young leaders to be ready to keep up and innovate towards today’s and tomorrow’s challenges.”


Felipe Honorato is the Head of Delegation for Brazil for Y20 Saudi Arabia 2020. Felipe is a university professor and is a researcher in the field of international migrations. He believes that diplomacy is an important tool for the promotion of peace and diversity. As a researcher in the field of international migration, Felipe has been studying the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on young migrants. He would like to see the Y20 Community continue to grow in a diverse way, bringing together young people from the most diverse ethnic, religious, and cultural backgrounds.


Stephanie Burrell was a United Kingdom delegate for the Y20 China in 2016 and is currently a Global Leadership Fellow and Practice Lead at the World Economic Forum. At the Forum, she leads Digital Membership and her work aims to support people to better understand the fluid inter-relationships between global issues to help them make more informed decisions. She serves as an Alumni Leadership Board member of the Sutton Trust, an educational charity based in the UK, where she contributes to designing, delivering and evaluating alumni initiatives to improve social mobility.

Erin Watson-Lynn 🇦🇺

Erin Watson-Lynn is the Head of Delegation for Australia at the W20 Saudi Arabia and was an Australian delegate for Y20 Turkey. Erin continues her Y20 involvement inspired by this thought: Imagine how the world might be different if business and government leaders in G20 countries have known each other for 30 years? She appreciates how the Y20 challenges the status quo in the G20. Currently, she is Managing Director of the international relations firm, Generate Worldwide, which builds global partnerships across industries and sectors.


Sailesh Singhal was the India Delegate for Y20 Germany in 2017 and he is part of the Y20 Community inaugural group of Global Dialogue Fellows. Sailesh is also the Founder of Youth of India Foundation, special accreditation by United Nations for 2020 Conference – a movement initiated to empower, engage, and evolve young people in localising the Sustainable Development Goals through innovative campaigns and discussions. Youth of India is present across 13 states and 12 countries, completing more than 100 projects. In the past 150 days, they have reached out to 2.5 Million people digitally.


Tatiana Podliszwekski was the Executive Director of the Youth 20 in 2018 and served as the Master of Ceremonies for the Y20 Community Reunion on August 20. Tatiana is currently a Chevening Scholar at the London School of Economics. Her previous experience in government and NGOs has focused on issues related to low-income communities, development, education, and gender equality. She was also selected as a U.S. Department of State Young Leaders of the Americas Fellow. As a member of the Y20 Community, Tatiana wants to get a global perspective on issues facing Argentina.


Holly Ransom was the head delegate for the Y20 in Australia in 2014 and is currently a Fulbright scholar at Harvard. Named one of Australia’s 100 Most Influential Women by the AFR, Holly has delivered a Peace Charter to the Dalai Lama, was named by Sir Richard Branson as a Future Game Changer to watch in 2017 and was personally requested by Barack Obama to interview him on stage in 2018. As a keynote speaker, content curator, MC and panel moderator, Holly has presented over 500 sessions across six continents.


Diego Reyeros was a delegate from Mexico at the Y20 Summit in Russia in 2013. After being a delegate for Mexico, he continued my involvement with the Y20-Y7 network. Diego acted as Recruitment Director for Young Diplomats of Canada for several years, leading the selection of the Canadian Youth Delegations to the Y20, Y7, IMF, World Bank, OECD, UN, and more. He is currently the Youth Policy Advisor for the Global Diplomatic Forum and Country Development Manager of makesense, a global organization that mobilizes youth to achieve the SDGs.


Miriam Privarova is the Head of the European Union delegation to Y20 2020. Coming from Slovakia, Miriam holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in the trilingual program of Social Sciences from SciencesPo Paris and is currently studying her Masters at King’s College London. Throughout her internship experience at the World Bank, the Slovak MFA, the Office of the President and the Government Office of the Slovak Republic, she acquired experience in domains of EU law, diplomacy and issues related to sustainable development. Now, Miriam is inspired to be a member of the Y20 Community, “Y20 is an excellent platform to connect young, open-minded and active people across cultures and continents to amplify their voices and share best practices. I am greatly inspired by my former and current Y20 colleagues!”


Carlie Dodds is the lead Australian Delegate for Youth Empowerment for the Y20 Saudi Arabia 2020. Carlie is a young professional working for The Salvation Army’s Homelessness Division in Sydney. She studied a Bachelor of Politics, Philosophy and Economics at The Australian National University in Canberra and graduated in 2018. As part of her Y20 experience, Carlie is writing a domestic policy paper on how governments can best engage with young community members. Carlie is passionate about empowering young people to be represented by decision-makers and to have meaningful opportunities to contribute to policies that affect them. As a member of the Y20 Community, Carlie shares that, “I am eager to connect with alumni and organizers to learn from their expertise and experiences. As a current Delegate, I am eager to take the insights and mentorship of the Y20 Community to help shape a powerful communique. I am also looking forward to engaging with the Y20 Community in future years and seeing how this unique global network emerges.”


Wafa Taftazani was a delegate from Indonesia at the Y20 Summit in China in 2016. He went on to receive a full scholarship at Cambridge, joined YouTube business in Indonesia and then co-founded a fintech startup. He is an award-winning Cambridge-educated technology executive and entrepreneur with ~17 years of combined experience across technology, digital entertainment, public policy, corporate finance, and international relations.

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